Introducing, Me.

January 28th, 2024

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ello beautiful people, and welcome to my blog! I'm Sara, your go-to hair girl at Sara Zask Hair Studio. This is my first time writing a blog, so I only have two words to start: buckle up.

sara zask

I first started doing hair as a teenager, on myself, as a form of self expression (I'm so sorry mom and dad). There was a tough learning curve, but I knew exactly how I wanted to look and I was going to stop at nothing until I learned how to achieve it. I have always been a blend of creative and fearless, traits that have proven invaluable in mastering the art of hair. Needless to say, I always had the coolest DIY hair of all my friends. All these years later I find my approach is still the same; I just have years of world class education, technical knowledge and professional tools by my side. I have spent a decade practicing, studying and applying all that I've learned through education into my own unique technique and style. Every head of hair that leaves my chair is fully custom, fully personalized and fully YOU.

Having been raised by two incredibly talented and hard working artists, I was always encouraged me to be my true authentic self. I grew up within the Los Angeles art and music community, which influenced me deeply. My journey as a hairstylist has been significantly shaped by the vibrant and rebellious worlds of art, punk, and rock 'n' roll. Inspired by the unconventional and fearless spirit of punk, I've embraced the idea that hair can be a canvas for self-expression, much like the way artists use their medium. The ever-evolving fashion scene within the art world has guided my approach, encouraging me to view hair as a dynamic and ever-changing form of wearable art. The raw, edgy aesthetic of rock 'n' roll, with its unapologetic attitude, has seeped into my stylistic DNA, influencing everything from daring cuts to bold color choices. Through this fusion of influences, I've cultivated a hairstyling style that's not just about trends but about creating personalized, rebellious statements that resonate with the individuality and spirit of each client.

With a dual license in Cosmetology and Barbering, I am comfortable and confident with hair of all lengths and textures. I am always engaged in ongoing education and have taken classes and learned hands-on from some of the best in the business. I have completed a 6 month stye focused training course with Kevin.Murphy and become a session stylist with the brand. I have worked in countless fashion shows in Denver such as Denver Fashion Week and Historias, both as the solo and lead stylist for a designer, and on design teams. I have mentored junior stylists in apprentice positions as a master stylist. I specialize in basically everything, but I would say my favorite and most requested services behind the chair are- precision and creative cutting, blonding, vivid and fashion colors, balayage, highlights, barber cuts and color corrections. I have a passion for learning and teaching all I possibly can in this industry, and am not slowing down anytime soon!

Along with the world of hair, I also care deeply about the environment. I use all natural, cruelty free, sustainable, ammonia-free and eco friendly products in my salon and in your hair. (A whole separate blog post will be devoted to this subject, don't you worry!)

Outside of the salon I try to maintain a healthy work/life balance. I spend my time at local shows, traveling both domestically and internationally as much as possible, reading, and spending time outdoors. I like my summers spent in the mountains hiking and backpacking in beautiful Colorado. I also like to volunteer and give back to my community in any way I can. I am plant based at home, both in diet and all beauty products I use, and feel very strongly about making empathetic choices in my daily life. I have an 18 pound cat named Periwinkle who I rescued as a baby, and has been my very best friend for 12 years.

In opening my studio space in October 2023 I wanted to cultivate a cozy, cool, intimate and bright space for myself and my guests to create, connect and most importantly of all- have FUN. The support from my clients has been unbelievable and I can truly say that I love coming to work every day. Sara Zask Hair Studio has been described to me as a “sanctuary” and as “the most relaxing part of the week” by guests, which were the exact feelings I strived to create in a space. I really believe you can feel how much passion I have poured into my studio, and my craft, and I love seeing that resonate with those in my chair.

I plan on continuing my devotion to ongoing education, to make sure I am always growing as a stylist and a human. I also have a goal to make my salon as green and eco friendly as possible. I have some big sustainability plans in the works, as well as some community focused give-back plans. (Stay tuned for future blogs that deep dive into the specifics!)

Above all, my daily goal is to make every person in my chair feel beautiful and confident, day in and day out.

Please reach out to me with any questions, and follow me on social media to see what I’m up to behind the chair!

Thank you to every person who took the time to read this, and to every person who has ever supported me and my little business. You mean the world to me!

sara zask